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About Us


The idea of BlueStar Chews originated during my early days as a fitness instructor. I spent my days training clients and my nights with my dogs studying the science of nutrition. One day, while trying to eat healthy myself, I noticed my furbabies staring up at me as I ate my superfood snack. I know you pet lovers know the look. That loving look that says, “why can’t I have some of what you’re having”. The look that melts your heart! That look has taken me on a journey to help my 2 furbabies, Tiara (Yorkie) and Roxy (Pitbull) have the same experience all my training clients had when it came to their health; a viable, healthy, high-quality and organic snack. 


I have always loved being around dogs, sometimes more than people! So it was a natural instinct for me to think of all dog lovers as I put my energy and passion into creating BlueStar Chews. I am very proud to introduce all dog lovers around the world to BlueStar Chews.


As for the my furbabies. Tiara is no longer with us but Roxy has a new fur sister named Rosie (French Bulldog). They have become best friends and they love playful bantering over their vast selection of BlueStar Chews. I feel at peace knowing that I am giving them the best all-natural ingredients to help their bodies stay strong and healthy for years to come! We promise you and your furbaby the same satisfaction or your money back!

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